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Here's how we've helped over 500 clients destroy their anxiety and create an abundant dating life with our online and in-person coaching programs.

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From No Results to Dating French Girls and Strippers - Mentorship Results

From Breakup Blues to 3 Dates a Week!

From Complete Beginner to Instadates and Pulls

"I Had My First Sober Pull on the First Night"

"Learned 12 Months of Game in 1 Week"

"From unable to compliment to instadates, pulls, and closes with his personal 10's"

4 Pulls in 5 Days

"I'm in there bro"

"Approach Anxiety is Not in My Reality Anymore"

"By the Second Week, I Had 5 Dates Lined Up"

From Approach Anxiety to Getting Instagram Models and Becoming the King of Switzerland

"He Changed My Life Completely"

I Lost My Virginity

"The Experience was More Than Amazing!"

From Zero Experience to Doing Things I Would Never See Myself Doing

"Austen Summers Immersion has the Highest Rating of Any Type of Dating Program"

"Increased My Lay Count to 22"
"I don’t feel lonely ever, whatsoever"

It's a Great Stretch Opportunity for You to Improve Your Game and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

He Helped Guide Me Through All the Different Scenarios

"I met a really cool girl...we had a great time and really connected...and I've actually still been talking to her."

"First Night We Pulled, We Banged"

“My Approach Anxiety is Nonexistent Now”

Multiple Dates Scheduled in First Hour

"I Pulled The Hottest Girl of My Life"

"You Truly Become a Different Person"

"I Got My First Instadate!"

"I Now Have the Skill to Meet Women"

Pulled and Closed Two Girls - "Everything You Need Is Here"

Pulled a Published Model and Got Brothers for Life

The Footage Was Very Powerful; I Finally Realized Women Want Me

100 Approaches Done

10x My Laycount with Austen Summers Mentorship

Pulled Twice on the First Night

First Nightgame Pull and Daygame Pull

Pulled 6 Times and Fully Transformed

Complete Beginner to Having Threesomes and Getting an Awesome Girlfriend

First Daygame Pull - Immersion Results

Became More Fun, Outgoing, Gave Less of a F*** - Immersion Results

I Dated My Perfect 10 on Immersion!

From "Virgin" to 11 Lays, 2 Girlfreinds, and a Perfect Ten

Bringing Out New Sides Of Myself I Didn't Know Existed

"I had a Threesome; I Had an Orgy"
"You Cannot Put a Price Tag on the Lessons That You Learn from This Experience"

First Night Was the Best Night of My Life

Indian Student Closes Hot White Girl on Second Night

37yo Divorced Guy Closes 21yo Woman and Levels Up Skills for a Lifetime

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