Ruthlessly effective long-term pickup coaching in the freest city in the Western Hemisphere.

What Is an Immersion?

The Immersion is an long-term, live-in coaching experience where we will continually iterate and upgrade your skills with women.

What Does an Immersion Consist Of?

Pre-Immersion Prep

You’ll get the things to do pre-immersion to maximize the effectiveness of the program.

Customized Live Coaching

I adapt to your own unique personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Beginner or advanced.

Night Game

Live training in the best Miami bars and clubs.

Day Game

Live training on the best daygame street on the planet.

Personal Wingman

You’ll have me on your team, coaching you step-by-step from anxiety to abundance.

Filmed Analysis

See exactly what to improve with HD audio and video analysis of your game. Confidential.

Photoshoot and Online


Optional indoor/outdoor photoshoot and online dating profile creation.

Personalized Action Plan

How to implement everything you’ve learned, so your progress continues.

Long-Term Accountability

Optional mentorship to continue the momentum of the program.

What You Will Learn

Whether you’re a complete beginner or quite advanced, the bootcamp will help you overcome sticking points directly related to you. Due to the abundance of women in Miami, there are limitless opportunities to practice at every stage of game.

Deal with Approach Anxiety

Get In the “Zone”

Show Interest

Get Numbers and Instagrams

Set Up a Date Over Text

Go on an Instant Date

Make Out with a Girl

Develop a Connection

Have Dates that Lead to Sex

Be Unaffected By Rejections

Never Run Out of Things to Say

Solve Logistics

Bring a Girl Home

High Status Communication

What Do Students Say?

Learned 12 months of game in 1 week

"Austen Summers Immersion has the highest rating of any type of dating program."

"From unable to compliment to instadates, pulls, and closes with his personal 10's"

Choose Your Immersion Package

Standard Immersion

(Best Seller)

Weekly Bootcamps 4 x $2,000 $8,000
Daily Support & Briefing 30 x $200 $6,000
Housing Included 30 x $100 $3,000
Weekdays Out With Assistant 20 x $200 $4,000

Your Cost

VIP Immersion

(Weekly 1-on-1's - 1 Month)

Everything In Standard Package $21,000
3 months of Austen Summers' Academy $2,000
Upgrade To Room with Balcony 30 x $50 $1,500
Photoshoot / Tinder / IG Setup $500
Daily Gym Training $1,000
Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching Day 4x $2,000 $8,000

Your Cost


Guaranteed Sex / Lay Immersion

(Guaranteed Results)

Everything In VIP Package $34,000
As Many 1 on 1 Coaching Days Until Successful Sex / Lay You succeed or 100% money back* $1,500

Your Cost


One Year Elite Immersion

(Guaranteed Results)

Weekly Bootcamps 52 x $2,000 $104,000
Daily Support and Briefing 365 x $200 $73,000
Upgrade To Room with Balcony 365 x $250 $91,250
Photoshoot / Tinder / IG Setup $500
Daily Gym Training $10,000
Weekly 1 on 1 52 x $2,000 $104,000
Guaranteed Double Digit Sex / Lay Count* Priceless
TOTAL VALUE $382,750

Your Cost


*Requires you to go out every day, perform assignments, and not give up lays for no reason. If not satisfied, the training will be refunded minus the housing fee of $3000 per month.

10% discount for crypto. Payment Options Here

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  • Serious applicants only. I can only take 3 students per weekend.
  • Have a good idea on your timing. Be specific on the months or weekends that you are available.
  • The Immersion is based in Miami so plan your travel accordingly.
  • Motivation generally drops over time. The sooner you can plan for the bootcamp, the more leverage you have on getting success. The best time for change is always NOW. Waiting too long causes you to forget about your goals.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes! Here are all the payment options we accept. Payment Options

You will stay at the Miami condo with me. It has epic logistics for going out, the building amenities and the apartment are optimized for pulling. And an added benefit is we can bring girls back to the same spot and you save on time and money from ubers and more expensive accommodation in Miami.

The primary difference is that Bootcamp is a weekend program 2-3 days in length. The Immersion is 7, 14, or 30 days in length.

Because this program is tailored to your unique personal situation, this program is for anyone from a beginner to advanced level of social and romantic competence who is willing to expand their comfort zone, better their understanding of dating and social dynamics, and grow as a person. For beginners, the Immersion program is designed to give you a core foundation of game, including the confidence to know that you can go out and get tangible results with women. In addition to learning what works and seeing it done right in front of your eyes, you’ll take more action in a weekend than most guys take in their entire lives. For more experienced guys, the Immersion will help you attain consistency in getting the type of women you want into your life through mastering the skills of instadating and pulling. In addition to removing any and all blind spots in your game, you will absorb the vibe and beliefs of an expert in this field.

Taking a Immersion provides the biggest bang-for-your-buck as a beginner because most of your results with women are from the fundamentals of game. Also, doing it on your own can cause you to develop bad game habits or weird tendencies. It’s easier to learn something than to unlearn something, so learning game properly from the ground up means you won’t be ingraining mistakes.

Unlike other companies that do a bait-and-switch by giving you a surprise coach you’ve never heard of, Austen Summers coaches every Immersion himself to ensure quality. In addition, he has an assistant coach who has solid game himself and has been trained to teach game. A student to instructor ratio of 2:2 or 3:2 ensures you get immediate feedback.

Even if you're shy or have social anxiety, you CAN create an abundant dating life and get a loyal, beautiful girlfriend. All it takes is long-term consistency in applying the mindsets, strategies, skills, and knowledge you learn during the Immersion.

Your skill with communication and game are your highest leverage points for increasing your results with women, so the earlier you start the better. Rejections are inevitable no matter how physically attractive you become or how good you get at some tangential activity or part of your life. Ultimately most of pickup comes down to developing enough skill from lots of social situations that have little to do with your aesthetics. Complementary habits like lifting and meditation take years to develop and can be done simultaneously while learning pickup, as opposed to staggering them and wasting time.

It’s more important what you do after the Immersion, not before. However, once you sign up I will send you a training video to watch prior to the program which will explain the few things you should do and know prior to the Immersion to ensure you get the most value out of it. Most of the learning and transformation will take place during the Immersion.

You can arrive whenever is best for you, but we recommend you arrive on a Thursday so you can have the intensive weekend coaching in the beginning of your stay.

My clients’ ages range from 18-50. If you’re an older guy, dress well and get into the role as the high status male--you have more experience and are more grounded. If you’re a younger guy, dress a bit older, grow your beard or scruff a bit, and use the vocal exercises I give. In Miami it’s common to see younger as well as older people out at the clubs and the daygame areas. Note: For Miami Immersion programs you must be at least 21 years old as we enter nightlife venues.

If your friend’s interest level and schedule aligns with yours, that’s awesome. However, most of the time your friend is less bought-in than you and requires a lot of convincing, wasting your time. Better to focus on your own progress and success; don’t let anybody slow your progress down.

Not only can you learn game and meet girls in Miami during this time, but you can make out with them and bring them home as if it’s 2019 or 2022.

Miami is the freest city in the Western Hemisphere where no one cares about silly restrictions.

Clubs are still open (as seen on my instagram story @austensummers); mask rules aren’t enforced; and everyone here already got COVID last summer.

Also, because Miami is the freest place in America right now, there’s a massive influx of tourists and new residents escaping more oppressive states like New York and California.

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